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One-Sentence thumbnail-cvrOne-Sentence Stories
Anthology of Stories Told in a Single Sentence
Compiled by Val Dumond
151 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2017)
Paperback: $14.95; ISBN: 978-0-9985489-1-3
Kindle: $2.99
One-Sentence Stories is a compilation of 77 stories written by 43 imaginative authors who expressed a variety of stories in a variety of styles — some joyful, some sad, others mysterious, curious, angry, delightful — and some just plain silly!

The Official Guide

Author: Val Dumond
300 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2016)
Paperback: $24.95; ISBN: 978-0-9797466-9-7
Kindle: $5.99
American-English is written for you, the writer, to help you move your exciting manuscript into a published book. It offers choices in grammar, word usage, punctuation, and — best of all — it shows you how to create Your Own Style Manual.

Pandora front cvr Pandora’s Hunnert Januarys
Author: Val Dumond
250 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2014)
Paperback: $24.95; ISBN: 978-0-98875065-4
Kindle: $5.99
Pandora was born at the dawn of the 20th century and lived all hundred years of it, watching women remove their corsets, fly out of the box, and oh, the things they did. They marched to seek equality under the law and the right to vote; then they demanded it. Read all about them — the real women who accompany the fictitious Pandora on her journey through that amazing century.

Rebellion:3x5A Little Rebellion…
160 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $16.95; ISBN: 978-0988750630
Kindle: $2.99; ISBN: 978-0988750647
This covers the exciting rebellion of the women at Stateside Bank in the late 1980s, women driven to drastic action to obtain equal rights and pay for female employees. They heeded the words of Thomas Jefferson, who once wisely intoned, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” (Historical fiction)

Rooster:3x5When Roosters Fly
Author: Val Dumond
130 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $14.95; ISBN: 978-0967970493
Kindle: $3.99; ISBN: 978-0967970417
The thwarted dream of an early aviator (1933) to fly nonstop across the Pacific Ocean is given a second chance 50 years later. All about the love of aviation, devotion of a help-mate, ideals of baseball, and a rooster who won’t fly. (Historical fiction)

Sugar, Spice:3x5Sugar, Spice, and Stone
Author: Val Dumond
270 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $14.95; ISBN: 978-0979746611
Kindle: $4.99; ISBN: 978-0979746659
You’ve heard of Klondike Kate, the sassy character from the days of the Yukon Gold Rush. Start reading this fun story of Kate at 70 looking to start a new life and finding the opportunity to confront her reckless 20-year-old self. Fall in love with the still-feisty Kathleen Rockwell from Bend OR. (Historical fiction)

Are You Singing Your Song?
Compiled by Val Dumond
145 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $16.95; ISBN: 978-0979746642
Kindle: $3.99 ISBN: 978-0979746697|
A bunch of folks tell how they discovered their tunes — ways to live their own lives their way. More than 600 quotations from all kinds of people: actors, musicians, authors, attorneys, bubbleologists, architects, a hot dog vendor, a NYC bicycle messenger, and a breathing instructor. (Reference, Life)

Author: Val Dumond
260 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback:$16.95 ISBN:978-0988750616
Kindle: $3.99; ISBN: 978=0988750623
Short stories, plays, and essays by Velgen. When the clouds burst, the stories come pouring out. A collection of author Velgen’s quixotic ideas, funny stories, weird interpretations of childhood, three very long story-telling sentences, a couple of plays, and some emotional tugs at your heart. Read, smile, cry, or scratch your head, and enjoy the shower. (Fiction)

MIL. front cvr-small.How We Fought World War II
at William T. Sherman Elementary School
Author: Val Dumond
244 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $18.95 ISBN: 978-0-9985489-0-6
Kindle: $4.99; ISBN: 0979746620
Lili, a 9-year-old, and her family move to Milwaukee on the same day that Hitler invaded Poland, and move away at the end of the war. In those years, Lili’s family lives in a German then a nearby Jewish neighborhood. Growing up with the children of those families, Lily endures the changes that the war incurred for the duration, and learns about love and friendship. (Historical Fiction)

Ahlam's Red Front CvrAhlam’s Stories
Author: Val Dumond
Muddy Puddle Press
Kindle only; $3.99; 9780961367312
An Iraqi woman tells about her family heritage, going back four generations to a grandfather who fought the British in the 1920s. She describes love and marriage, home life, the many invaders to her country, the distress of political sanctions and living under tyrants, and her life in the beautiful and historical valley of Mesopotamia before… (Memoir)

2-11-14 Sheit 2S-H-E-I-T — A No-nonsense Guidebook to
Writing and Using Nonsexist Language
60 pages
Val Dumond Publications (1984)
(Order from Author)
Paperback: $8.95 ; ISBN: 0-9613673-0-x
Kindle: $1.99 Muddy Puddle Press (2014)
ISBN: 978-0-9887506-7-8
For 30 years writers have acknowledge the first book about nonsexist language through the original SHEIT and its offspring Elements of Nonsexist Usage (Prentice Hall, 1990). The only remaining copies are held by the author and may be ordered from her. Now, the book contents are available on your handy Kindle for instant referral. Keep sexism out of your writing — easily and quickly with the book’s 1000-plus Glossary of Alternative Terms.

book-justwords75Just Words — The US and THEM Thing
Author: Val Dumond
188 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2005)
Paperback: $12.95; ISBN: 096797044x
Kindle: $3.99; ISBN: 978-0979746666
When words fail because of a bias or a desire to diminish another person, look for an alternative. A glossary of more than 1000 terms may help, as will the discussion impelled with this book. Every day we work and play with people who are not Us. This handbook offers ways to interact with Them without judgment, derision, or conflict. (Biased language)

Imagine! Breathe!:3x5Imagine! Breathe! Write!
Author: Val Dumond
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Kindle only; $2.99;
ISBN: 978-0961367343

Are writers born writing great works? Or do you they learn their craft by… (drum beat)… W R I T I N G! (hint-hint)? From the essays inside this book, you’ll draw ideas to bump up your writing, whether it’s business reports, sci-fi fiction, advertising copy or children’s stories. (Writing)

#24 Grammar GlitchesGrammar In Your Pocket
Author: Val Dumond

24 books, 10-30 pages
Muddy Puddle Press
Kindle: 99¢ each
No longer will you have to wonder where to put the commas, which words to capitalize, how to put together a sentence. Simply download the subject you need and go on your way.

The AnAnarchist Cover-darkarchist’s Guide to Grammar
Author: Val Dumond
290 pages
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback: $19.50;
ISBN: 0979746604
Kindle: $12.99
ISBN: 0979746639
Banish the “Rules” of grammar? You can’t do that! Or can you? The truth about U.S. language, and how to handle it. Complete grammar help: THINGS (Nouns and Pronouns), VERBS, MODIFIERS (Adjectives and Adverbs), LITTLE WORDS, Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections. Plus: How to SPELL, use NUMBERS, Construct SENTENCES and PARAGRAPHS, Avoid BIASED LANGUAGE, and Develop Your Own WRITING STYLE. (Language, Grammar)

Grammar-Grownups:3x5Grammar for Grownups
Author: Val Dumond

245 pages
HarperCollins (Original publisher, 1993. Hardcover; Out of Print)
Muddy Puddle Press (2012)
Paperback:$12.95; ISBN:978-0979746673
Kindle: $8.99; ISBN: 978-0979746680
This best-selling grammar book, left out in the cold when HarperCollins went under new management, is again available – in paperback and on Kindle. But don’t let the kids near it! Grammar is too much fun for their young minds. (Language, Grammar)