Grammar for Grownups

Grammar For Grownups

This best-selling grammar book, left out in the cold when HarperCollins went under new management, is again available – in paperback and on Kindle. But don’t let the kids near it! Grammar is too much fun for their young minds.

Here, at last, is a manual for people who have to use language in the real world. Not a list of hard and fast rules that you learned (and probably forgot) in grade school, Grammar For Grownups is a clearly and wittily written guidbook – complete with practice exercises – that shows you how to use your language effectively by refreshing your knowledge of how grammar works and how words fit together to create meaning.

In simple, easy-to-understand language, Val Dumond takes you through the parts of speech, punctuation, and spelling in a way that always keeps in mind the object of all the rules: getting your meaning across quickly, effectively, and completely. In addition, she shows you how a knowledge of grammar and usage is essential in producing effective writing.

As adults, it’s particularly important that we express ourselves clearly, both in speaking and in writing. Grammar For Grownups is a book that will allow you to do just that.

Enjoy these samples from Grammar For Grownups:

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