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Pandora’s Hunnert Januarys — Ever wonder how submissive women of 1900 (wearing tight corsets, long dresses, and tethered to the home as nursemaids, cooks, and launderers) evolved into confident women who lead major corporations, practice medicine and law, compete in athletics, contribute to art, music and literature — all the time wearing comfortable clothes and hiring nursemaids, cooks, and launderers? In 1900, women could not vote, hold public office, even own property; now they vote, run for high office, buy cars and houses, even bear or adopt children by themselves! Pandora watched it all happen, and tells not only her story, but the story of hundreds of other 20th century women.

The Anarchist’s Guide to Grammar – Ask questions and read responses from the grammar anarchist. You will NOT receive rules to guide your quest for reasonable grammar; you’ll receive the grammar anarchist’s guidelines to help you decide what is reasonable grammar and what is not. Didn’t you know you have a choice as a writer to select your own words?

Twelve In 12 Who says I’m nuts! So I set out to publish twelve books in the twelve months of 2012 – and made it. The publisher in me is still panting. I polished up some earlier manuscripts, wrote a couple of new ones, compiled some selected writings, and reached my goal. Read some notes on this outrageous undertaking on

Seattle Free Lances
Seattle Free Lances is the Northwest’s oldest ongoing writers’ group. Since 1921, professional freelancers have met monthly to have dinner, to talk about the business of writing, to hear featured speakers, and to enjoy each other’s company. Visit their website and see what SFL is doing.

RATIFY THE ERA: It’s time women were included in the U.S. Constitution. Ratification from only three states are needed to make that happen. Get the skinny on Val’s first blog:, and follow up with the Florida Equal Rights Alliance website. Get involved! Make it happen! The time is now!
The reasons for waiting have dwindled to nil. Urge friends living in the states still dragging their feet to poke their legislators. Only three ratifications are needed; and 15 states have yet to do so. They are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. or

EuraLex European Association for Lexicography. Each two years this group holds a linguistic conference with lexicographers from around the world. Val has attended conferences in France, Barcelona, Spain, and In 2010 at the Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden, Netherlands. You can see pictures from this trip  on my Facebook page.

Books, Authors, and Artists
She sings like morning coffee (bubbly, full of energy and meaning) and writes awesome lyrics. Her latest album is “Attachments” nominated for a 2013 Grammy as best jazz vocal album. I particularly like (what else?) “Language” (writers will love this one) and the 2011 Grammy-nominated “Ages” (for anyone of any age). But never overlook my first favorite: “Dooji Wooji”. Click onto her very creative Web site and settle back to enjoy uniquely original poetry as well as entertaining illustrations. If you look at nothing else, discover Miss English – a woman after my own heart!

Brent Hartinger This guy can write – and not just the easy stuff. Brent Hartinger has chosen to write books for young adults as his audience. Geography Club (HarperCollins 2003) became his first bestseller and now has turned into a movie (out later in 2013). You can view the movie soon on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. His latest book, Dreamquest, is a beauty. Brent writes novels, articles, and screenplays; he teaches, and lectures – and gee, is he busy!

Randall Platt Randall Beth Platt is the kind of writer you’ve always wanted to become. She rises early – I mean early – and writes away until it’s time to play handball. Then she does the nitty-gritty stuff of authorship before going off on a modeling gig. Her books run the gamut from raw western humor (the Fe-As-Ko books) to subtle beauty, The Cornerstone. She has turned to writing books on sensitive subjects for young adults: Honor Bright, The Likes of Me, and the latest, Hellie Jondoe, winner of the Willa Literary Award in 2010. Her latest book is Liberty’s Christmas. is dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language: wordplay. Playing with words and language is both entertaining and educational. Here you can have plenty of fun with words with over 500 pages of word puzzles, games, amazing lists, and fun facts.

Dana Quade: A woman who aspired to write a book to share her insights into making life better for herself and those around her. You should see where her vision has taken her! Take a look at:

Northwest Authors – a group of very talents authors from the Northwest. Keep up with their activities and learn about valuable new books.

More Resources – Books in braille, including Grammar for Grownups— Julia Reed’s excellent article: “101 English Grammar Resources for Effective Learning and Fun”. A writer’s “must”! – Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association – a group of very talents authors from the Northwest – Powells Books in Portland, OR – National Library Service for the Blind – American Bar Association