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Grammar Quiz

We all learned our grammar in different ways, from different sources. Perhaps you learned from your teacher, perhaps from a parent, perhaps from your friends — or perhaps you never learned it at all. This page is here to guide you through the maze called U.S.-English. You’ll be challenged to learn the names of the parts of speech and their positioning in sentences and paragraphs. You’ll have fun correcting the examples given. And in the process you may pick up something you didn’t know before.

Click on a quiz number below and try your hand before checking the answers. You may surprise yourself.

Grammar For Grownups Quiz 95

Why So Many Prepositions?

Too many of us overuse Prepositions and they’ve threatened to go on strike. If you’re one of those writers, try your hand at eliminating a few below:

1) Come with me and go on into my den.

2) You can toss the newspapers off of the sofa.

3) Where have you gotten to?

4) I haven’t seen you going on into two months.

5) Among all of my friends, I’ve missed you the most.

6) Please don’t give up on me.

7) I just don’t know where you’re at anymore.

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