Grammar for Grownups Quiz 91

Precious Pronouns

Can we start a movement to reduce the number of pronouns – particularly the possessive kind – that are needlessly scattered throughout the things we write?

Ownership seems to rate highly with writers. At the rate I see them used, we may run out of possessive pronouns very soon. See how many of the following pronouns you can save for the next generation.

  1. I tumbled out of my bed, raced to my messy desk, and turned on my sleeping computer before my head was even awake.
  2. Would you please tell your students that their use of their punctuation may affect their grades they’ll receive at the end of their semester.
  3. Buddy danced at his prom with his partner June until both his feet were almost worn out of his shoes; then his partner June went to her home with her crushed toes.
  4. He jumped into his car, grabbed his steering wheel and turned on his ignition before he tore out of his parking space and down his street.
  5. I’m sure that my warnings will miss your ears and that you’ll still fill your writing with all manner of your pronoun possessives.
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