Grammar for Grownups Quiz 83

The Perfect Sentence

I have written a perfect sentence. (Well, I’ve written many such sentences, but this… modesty forbids me to continue.)

The Sentence:

Hungered by eons of fasting, Adam slowly but eagerly reached for the very juicy apple.

Take a long look at it, then identify the following (they’re all there):

  • Subject(s)
  • Verb(s)
  • Object(s)
  • Participle adjective clause(s)
  • Preposition(s) prep.
  • Noun(s) n.
  • Adjective(s) adj.
  • Adverbs(s) adv.
  • Article(s) art.
  • Participle(s) prtcpl.
  • Conjunction(s) conj.
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