Grammar for Grownups Quiz 80

Inclusive Language

An easy one this month, celebrating inclusive language. Choose the friendliest words:

  1. “Any of you (buddies, gals, guys, pals, babes) want to play a round of golf?”
  2. The quartet includes two (women, ladies, females, gals, chicks).
  3. The (woman, lady, female) lawyer presented a great closing statement.
  4. When the (salesman, salesperson, seller, clerk), Arthur, showed us the TV, we knew it was ours.
  5. The group was decorating (manholes, utility holes, undergrounds, sewer holes) with spray paint.
  6. The (masseur, masseuse) gave me her best back rub ever.
  7. All (people, men and women, humans) are created equal.
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