Grammar for Grownups Quiz 68

That Dratted Apostrophe!

Q: What’s the difference between the meanings of these words: runs, run’s, and runs’?

A: Depends on how it’s used and what the writer means it to mean.

Insert an apostrophe where needed in the following underlined words:

  1. A whales spout is an amazing sight.
  2. Dont let it be said that Jacks a dummy.
  3. When Jacks mother Doris saw him on Mothers Day, she smiled.
  4. Boys will be boys, she said, her hearts beat up three notches.
  5. The political cant over redistricting cant be understated.
  6. Several times, when better times prevailed, the Times ran birth announcements.
  7. The childrens birthday candles flames heated the room.
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