Grammar for Grownups Quiz 66

Writing the Numbers

Writing out numbers can be tricky. Do you use numerals or words?

GUIDELINE #1: Write out numbers below ten; use numerals for numbers above ten.

GUIDELINE #2: Use numerals in nonfiction, written words in fiction.

Try these:

  1. My dad gave me ($20, twenty dollars, $20.00) for my evening out.
  2. The hospital has (4, four) units and (one hundred twenty-five, 125) physicians.
  3. The trees behind the house are at least (50, fifty) feet tall.
  4. My sister has grown to (four feet, three inches; 4 feet, 3 inches; 4′, 3″) tall. (fiction)
  5. The company was sold for three million dollars, $3,000,000, $3 million). (nonfiction)
  6. That fairy tale debases (2, two) of the (3, three) pigs in that story.
  7. When the (3, three) little pigs built their houses, they used a variety of materials. (fiction)
  8. Meet me at the brick house at (two o’clock, 2 o’clock, 2:00, 2:00 o’clock) tomorrow.
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