Taxi Dancers

The girls were never sure where the limo came from, but they were soon to remember all they learned the day they first heard the song called “Taxi Dancers”, a ditty recalling sounds of Abba but obviously meant for them, the five who were picked up that day shortly after they were graduated from high school, beginning with Scamp, a mischievous young lady who hung out near the taxi stands at the bus station where she was looking for someone fun to entertain her for the day, and continuing as the limo found Ginger Peachy, the gorgeous ingénue, haunting the theaters early looking for a role in the next musical, proceeding to Rosy Freckles, the exact opposite of beauty but owning the kind of fascination where you don’t know what she’ll do next, and moving on to find Flossie, a rather properly staid young woman who lived in a rather properly staid brownstone flat and was properly waiting as the limo pulled up, climbed inside, and waved for the driver to continue to pick up the last of them, Jo who was sitting outside a Wall Street skyscraper waiting for the offices to open and who eagerly asked the driver if breakfast was in the offing, which is was, responded the driver as they pulled into line at a pickup station to load a variety breakfast into the limo, which then pulled away as the girls dug into the food as the radio continued to play that song, “Taxi Dancers”, over and over until the girls began to hum along, with Rose the first to memorize all the lyrics and coach the others as they quickly grasped onto the catchy words, something about a taxi dancer, which the girls didn’t understand since they didn’t know what a taxi dancer was, but they were soon to find out, as the limousine drove slowly through Central Park, allowing the girls to enjoy the quiet of nature as they munched on cinnamon rolls and sipped their coffee, before noticing that the limo had sped up a bit and was leaving the park, heading for… they didn’t know, although each of them had lived all their lives in Manhattan, the center of their world which had taken a turn toward excitement for them as they wondered, some asking aloud, “Where are we going now?”, without an answer from the driver, only a kind of nod that said, “everything will be made clear,” and the girls whispered to each other their thoughts as to why they had been chosen for whatever adventure this was, why that song was being played over and over, until someone, probably Flossie, suggested it was a promotion scheme to announce a new song, which some production companies often used to introduce a new album or a musician of some kind, a singer, a band, or instrumentalist, but she wasn’t sure, to which Scamp suggested they were being kidnapped for ransom, which made everyone laugh because none of them came from rich families, although Jo knew a lot about finances and probably would be rich one day, but that was speculation, much like the group’s speculation about the limo, the song, and each other, which prompted them to share more of their personal information among themselves, everything from telling of their particular interests and why they chose them to sharing family connections (for those who had families to share), and, in short, spending the afternoon in pleasant conversation until the limo made another stop, this one not for a traffic light but for a parking spot in front of a… “it’s a ballroom!” shouted Ginger Peachy as she recognized the dance hall where auditions often were held and where she now watched the limo driver shut off the engine, get out of the vehicle, and come around to open the door for them, indicating this was their destination, and waving them inside, where they looked around the dimly lit hall and… yes, it was definitely the same music they heard then that they had been listening to all day, and they broke into song, performing the words perfectly and garnering the attention of passers-by, most of them gentlemen awaiting a dancing partner, and there they were, five talented, vivacious girls who looked ready to dance, and dance they did, Scamp finding ways to show her partner how to double-step and spin to the music, and Ginger Peachy choosing to glide waltz-like with her partner, and Rosy Freckles who did a kind of jitterbug step and followed her partner’s clues to add some gymnastics as well, as Flossie who watched them enviously wishing she could add more to her dancing than just… dancing, but it was Jo who intrigued her as she tried to take the lead away from her gentleman partner, unsuccessful for the first few tries, then actually leading him to the style she wanted to dance, much like her cohorts, all dancing their own styles their own ways and having a heck of a lot of fun at the same time, all the while humming and sometimes singing aloud the lyrics to this tune, as the crowd watched for a while then joined in with them, all of which lasted a couple of fun hours before the limousine driver reappeared and signaled to the riders that it was time to go, mentioning that dinner was about to be served at a very high-end restaurant, upon which announcement the girls objected furiously and demanded something more mundane, hamburgers maybe, or Chinese takeout, or even… and that’s what they all agreed upon… pizza, real New York pizza, which is exactly what they enjoyed to cap off their evening before they piled back into the limo, took up singing their song again, and headed back to where they came from, beginning with Scamp, who was let off at the bus station, Ginger Peachy at her walk-up flat she shared in the theater district, Rosy Freckles who lived with her grandmother in one of those buildings they used to call “tenements”, Flossy at her brownstone, and Jo at a rather showy posh-looking apartment building, which she hurriedly explained by telling the driver she didn’t rent an apartment, but only worked there in the maintenance department, which would have surprised the others if they had been there, but Jo was the last to be dropped off before the limo pulled away, disappearing back into the New York evening traffic and oblivion, but remaining in the memory of the five girls who had been picked up that morning, wondering where the limo came from and why it played only one song — “Taxi Dancers” — but then, what better way was there to announce a brand new song than to make it popular throughout New York, and believe me, that is exactly what happened.