speak to the Mind.


speaks to the Soul.


combines the two

to provide wholeness to


Written Language adds even more pizzaz, and that’s what this website is about. Perhaps you’ll find ways to ground the Wordy Mind and ways to enhance the intensity of your Musical Soul.


W  E  L  C  O  M  E

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My Latest Book:

The Official Guide
to Language Usage
in the United States

I wrote this book for you, the Writer!

You have written your intriguing book-length manuscript. Now what do you do with it?

Are you sure you placed the commas in the right place? Do you understand the mystery of the apostrophe? Did you spell everything right? Did you use words and phrases consistently? Oh, there is so much to think about besides that intriguing story.

It took five years to create my new book — five years, after 30 years of writing, editing, and teaching writing. I researched every grammar book I could lay my hands and fashioned my own set of guidelines. Use them… or not.

What developed is a collection of guidelines to help you, the writer, create your own unique writing style. And I show you how to put together your own Style Manual.

AMERICAN-ENGLISH is aimed at understanding English as it is used in the United States. The book is divided among the parts of speech, punctuation, and writing, and complete with examples, definitions, and understandable terminology, all indexed to find what you need quickly.

Order your copy today: