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A Challenge for Writers during NaNoWriMo

(National November Writing Month)

When the novel writing slows down to a dead stop, take a few minutes and word-doodle. You heard me — but do it by telling a story (YOUR novel story perhaps) in one v-e-r-y long sentence**, which is a kind of word-doodle. It’s fun, it’s diverting, and you’ll learn tons about sentence writing. When you finish your story, send it to Muddy Puddle Press where it will be considered for publication in the anthology planned for Spring 2017 with a working title: The Story Train-of-Thought.


Muddy Puddle Press is seeking submissions from writers of one-sentence stories for an anthology to be published next spring (2017). Guidelines are minimal. All stories will be vetted to ensure they are followed.

  • Submissions are to be more than 100 words and fewer than 2000. Limit of three (3) submissions per author.
  • Each must tell a story.
  • Do not use periods or semi-colons.
  • Do not excessively use dashes.
  • Do not use vulgar or crude language. (An occasional “drat” or even “damn” may be acceptable.)
  • Rights to each story will remain with the author, who will have permission to re-publish their story. Authors may request permission to re-publish stories of other authors.
  • The book will be copyrighted by Muddy Puddle Press, with royalties going to the publisher.
  • Each author of an accepted story will receive a complimentary copy of the book.
  • Authors will have the right to buy extra copies of the book at an author discount.
  • Deadline is midnight, November 30, 2016, with publication in Spring 2017.

The best part — there is NO $$$ cost to you other than your time and effort. PLUS — you’ll have an opportunity to suggest input ideas for the cover AND the book title (replacing the working title: The Story Train-of-Thought).

Do you know how to construct sentences? Will you dare to reject your English teacher’s advice about run-on sentences? Can you fine-tune your story to follow the guidelines outlined above? Try it! And have fun! You’ll return to your novel relaxed, energized, inspired, and ready to move ahead.


Muddy Puddle Press
P O Box 97124
Lakewood WA 98497

**For a sample story, read “Taxi Dancers” at the Articles Page.


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